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This is a 2 part question Ok tanks been up and running for 3 years I just switched back to planted tank about 17days ago my water was nice and clear but the past few days my tanks been cloudy or hazed. What is the cause of this?
Tank info
Rena xp3 pads and stars, rings
130watt cf 6500k and 10k on for 7 hours
co2 looks good drop counter is green yellow 30+
water temp 79.4f
no2 0 or 00.5 cant really tell
gh 21
kh 7
ph 7 checked when co2 just kicked on
ammonia 0
fe 0.1

I been dosing ever other day kn03 1.5 tsp, k2s04 1.5 tsp, and kh2p04 about a gram. Then I dose Seachem flourish comprehensive supplement 5ml ever other day I don't dose the ferts. Also some of my plants are getting brown they where nice when I got them 17days ago from somebody on another forums here are some pictures. I do have some dust algae on the back its turning brown so I heard that's a good thing lol.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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