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My take on an igwami layout (20 gallon long)

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Day 1:

-So maybe a little over a month now, I have made many changes in my 20 gallon. I am very happy with the results so far.
-So in my 20 long, I have a finnex stingray light with diy co2, co2 ladder, etc. i have ecocomplete (20lb) on the bottom with 25lb normal petco black sand on top. I use an AquaClear 30 to filter the tank. Bc my co2 is diy, I run an air pump and airstone offset when the lights turn off.
-I currently only have 1 neon tetra, but will def get more to comfort it. There are about 20+ RCS in the tank also.
-The rocks are seiryu stones (15lb).
-I dose API Leaf zone (5 mL) every week, and use DIY osmocote root tabs in size 0 gel capsules, which are placed about every 1.5-2 inches apart in the substrate. :smile2:
-Lastly, I am carpeting DHG (E. Paravula) and have a hortwort in the corner, I just wanted to see if it would grow hahaha It came with my RCS I bought. How does it look? any suggestions?

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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