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my taiwan bees still arent breeding...

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so my taiwan bees stopped breeding in december after their first 3 broods in my tank. figured it was normal, i read about how they basically all stop breeding in winter.
but now im yet to get another breeding event, even though its almost april. is that normal or is something off?

tank params:
temp - 24.2 C
TDS - 135-148ppm (all readings within last month in this range)
GH - 5dgh
KH - 1dkh
pH - 6.4 or less

my blue diamonds are breeding like mad little bunnies...
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In this part of the US, I'm still waiting for breeding to pick up with neos.
My latest batch of neos just hatched while my crystals have been on haitus since dec as well.
My TB's haven't bred since I got them back in September or so. I have 5 or 6 of them with like 15-20 adult female CRS and I haven't seen anyone berry....SO frustrating!!! I think most or all of my TB's are males but they don't seem to be able to do their job. I may move them all into a different tank to try and shock them into breeding
Oblong, you could try to force a molt and see if that works.
That was my idea behind moving tanks. I have tried using Borneowild Dance but they just don't want to molt for me.

Do you have any suggestions on a way to force a molt? When I do water changes on the tank they are usually around 50% already and so far that hasn't worked
All of my colonies have all but stopped breeding these last few months (various neos and tigers). I dont know about other areas, but where i'm at this was probly the worst winter we've had in some time. I dont know if that could have an effect on it, but i'm hoping they start to pick up with these warmer temps on the way :cool:
Like raven said... and a little colder water.

Marco, do you use RO water? Because you should have a KH of 0
Do a colder water change.

TDS drop/gh change also sometimes works.
All mine within the last month and a half started breeding like crazy again. TB were the first to really start. my BTOE are all berrieing up my red tigers. veryone. Onyl one slow to the game is my fire yellows
I'm also wondering if we'll have a shrimp shortage this year due to the weather/barometric pressure systems.
Everything from neos, crs , tibees, just started getting berried this month. =) love is in the air again!
I don't about you guys and or gals, but my blue velvets have been breeding all winter long....hehe :)
ok, so a lot of people havent had breeding since december. good, i was starting to worry, lol.

sbarbee: i do use RODI water - the same that i use for my reef, with an output of 0.0 TDS. my test kit is only sensitive down to 1dkh so it could be anywhere from 0-1 and it would read one (i cant put in less than one drop, well i guess i could but i dont bother). at one point i used to have a KH as high as 2, and while the TBs seemed fine and 1 got berried at that point, i was doing WCs and couldnt figure out how. then i realized it was my CO2 (used to have 1bps in the tank). CO2 + H2O <=> H2CO3 <=> H+ + HCO3-. now i cut it to .3bps and am getting less plant growth, but this tank is prioritized toward the shrimp.
i would just give it time. im sure the weather is making it a pain. i really wish i had some right now because i beat with the weather we are having i would be seeing berries.
I've had shrimp in a tank for a FULL YEAR with ZERO breeding. Just because they can don't mean they will. Crap happens and they are going to do whatever they want. I've rehomed some of those shrimp and they bred fine for everyone who got them EXCEPT me so they weren't sterile. They just hated me apparently. LOL
I've had neos go on a 6 month breeding hiatus during the summer/fall/winter half of the year. About 2-3 months ago, suddenly all of my females got berried with nice big berries, but all but 2 of them died very suddenly. Last week, I moved the first shrimplets (only 7 confirmed survived die off) in a year to my main tank...but I've been on vacation since then, so no idea how that's gone.
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