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My summer therapy

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Check out where my head has been after the tough summer I had. At least something beautiful came of it!

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So this is Where you been all Summer =p, I thought u were never coming back.

That is so pretty, Looks like you made a House on your Roof Lol
And a bed on the Roof o_O And Living room, And Tub..
I bet it wil Look very pretty at Winter. Because everywhere u Look you see snow

You might want to fix that link, I used the link on your Signature
Thanks FB I fixed it.
It is great in the winter in the hotub snow all around. I designed to have something interesting blooming or flourishing every season. It is my urban Macroscape~
nice to see you on; did you ever get around to changing your tank to a frameless one with Aquasoil?
I like what you did. Great view and nice work on your arrangement and care of the trees, plants and such. Very nice.
ok I added the rest of the pics taken in the early evening~
lol @ chaz..u bet..i do what I can to put lipstick on that pig
White Fabric in the city! :eek: Thats brave! :smile:

Amazing space you have there. Get some plants in your water:tongue:
Thats a beautiful space! Looks very relaxing. :)
amazing! what will you do when all of that stuff gets rained on, or is there some sort of roof? like dave said, how will you deal with that white fabric?

looks awesome!
I made all of the cushions, draperies and pillows out of sunbrella material. It is the same material that they make convertible tops on cars with It is also what is used on yachts and other marine applications. They come in different colors and patterns, and cost a bit more, but it is well worth it, as it is waterproof, fade resistant and mold proofl. They can stay out all of the time and will always look as good as the day I made them~

Also the furniture is made of south american redwood <massranduba> and polypropylene wicker. The dining table is a gazillion tumbled marble pieces that I formed into a sunburst mosaic and thinset it and grouted. The legs are steel and I allowed them to oxidize so that it brings a little character to it, and complements that mosaic. All I have to do is oil the massranduba once a year, and it will stay rich looking. It is the same wood I used on the decking and the daybed, as well as the rectangular lattice over the blue plexi panels.
Don't leave those cushions out in the rain. they are not as mold/light proof as you would imagine. when I worked for restoration Hardware we would constantly be replacing them for people that left them out in the weather.

But yeah your space looks amazing.
Nice Job! It looks great :D
lol @ chaz..u bet..i do what I can to put lipstick on that pig
More like whipped cream on an onion. Of course you know I am ribbing you, you are the classiest person on this forum!
Wow. Just amazing. The view, the art. And what beautiful weims!
Thanks fishies...they are my favorite too <my weims>
And are too sweet!!!!!
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