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My sorority rebuild

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As some of you know I lost my 2 foot tank and fish during the floods last month.

Well I have started to rebuild. As I still have most of the plants filter and spare lights.

I went to PetBarn and got a new tank $65 later.

Not a bad looking tank.

Paint the back Black. This is the first coat.

3 coats of mat black later.

Next the set up.
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Glad to see you're rebuilding quickly. I'm sorry for your loss due to the flooding. Having seen your other sorority, sure this one will be a success! You're definitely off to a good start!

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Before anybody says anything about the uncycled tank and a fish, I am running 2 filters 1 sponge ( cycled ) and a HOB with a cycled pre filter sponge cycled media and purigen, plus the gravel is from my old tank,

I don't know if I would get over such devastation so well.
The plants were washed and sitting in my bath tub, I had to do something with them.
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