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My son is on his way back...

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... to Afghanistan after spending the last 18 days with us. He has 6 months left and his second tour is complete. While he was here I guess he talked to his younger brother and now he has contacted the US Army and looking into what he can do. I am pretty proud of the fact that 1 of my sons are serving this great country.

With Veterans day approaching I ask you to take a minute and think about what that actually means. It isn't just another day off.

I would personally like to take this time to thank all of those that have served or are serving what what they have done and the sacrifices they have made. God Bless.
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I thank YOU and YOUR family. Freedom isnt FREE.

Kudos and may your son(s) return home safely:thumbsup:


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Freedom isnt free. It costs a hefty expletive fee. </TeamAmerica>
Freedom isnt free. It costs a hefty expletive fee. </TeamAmerica>
Love Team America! America, @#&! yeah!
God bless your son and your family. May he and the rest of the troops return home safe.
Thank you and your sons.
And here's to their safe return.
Thanks to you and your sons.
They're fighting for everyone's freedom.
It's too bad that most employers in the US don't recognize Veteran's Day.
Remind him Purple Hearts are not all that they are cracked up to be.
<-----got two of them. Learned how to get down faster after the second one.
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