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Established this tank several years ago. Started with low-tech, then high-tech, but had to abandon it for a couple of years. Didn't do any maintenance but once every 1-2 months of water change, ran out of CO2, etc.

I never gave up the tank since I didn't want to abandon the fish, so I kept it running all these time. Lost all the nice plants that I once had along with hundreds of shrimps. The only good thing that came out was all the fish still very healthy and some was able to breed (and grew up inside the canister filters, nonetheless).

Anyway, I think I've finally caught up with life as of late.
Now I'm slowly trying to restore it back to it's former not-so-glory :)
I'm not going to "nuke" the tank, since it's been a home for many of the fish, for many years. I'm just going to go through some of the gentler solutions. No chemicals, no H2O2, no ridiculous CO2 level, etc.

Here are some pics showing how bad it is today:

* If there's a competition for the worst algae infested tank, I'd enter it in a heart beat! I've got all kinds of algae, everywhere they possibly grow.

I'll take pictures every month to track the progress.

Here's what I've in place for now:
- restored CO2 setup, drop checker is back showing green
- manually removed the nasty algae infected leaves
- scrubbed surfaces, cleaned filters & hoses
- 20-30% WC per week, planned
- monitor WC params, dose epsom salt & salt (per last measurement)
- platoon of mystery snails (been growing & laying eggs everywhere)
- gazillion MTS (old population got nuked by clown loaches & meds, new seeds are in place)
- squad of young SAE, joining veteran residents of stiphodons and garra flavatra
- next is to restart RCS population
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