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My shrimps are not eating the food i bought

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So for some reason my shrimps are not eating the food I bought. I bought algae wafers and the fluval shrimp pellets. I dont know why theyre acting like this.
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Are they new to the tank? Stress can make them not eat much the first few days.

I have heard some shrimp just don't care for certain foods and swarm others. Might be a trial an error till you find the one they like.

Check out the sample packs in the sale section to see what your shrimp will eat.
My Shrimp would eat nothing but spinach for a few weeks after being introduced to the tank. Eventually they figured out the little green circles were food so now they go nuts for them. Your shrimp will be fine for at least a week without food so I really wouldn't worry too much.
Maybe nitrate problem
They would be happy with nitrate under 20ppm
It's kinda hard to believe to refuse those two types of food, especially shrimp pellets. Maybe something else is going on, unless they're eating something else in the tank, then I wouldn't worry.
How big is your tank and how many shrimp do you have in it? If you have 10 shrimp in a 10 gallon tank that has been set up for a while they will have plenty of biofilm to eat and probably won't be very interested in the food you are adding.
kor4ever, The yeast nutrient is from a home brew store. It was surprising how many there were, one was about 5 miles away.

There are different types of nutrients, this is called Super Ferment, 2 oz for $1.69. The local brew store had bins for several types but only stocked this. It came in a 5 gallon pail, sold by the oz. The different yeasts are bout 65 cents to $1 for 2 oz. He sells CO2 tanks and refills there so when I get my big tank and a pressure system, I'll need to know him anyhow.

Kelly, my very first attempt at CO2 was using the gelatine and it went for 52 days using a full recipe of gelatine (solid) and only baking yeast. I had to stir it up a few times, so then began cubing it, but then it won't all fit in the bottle and allow enough water to run well. So, I've been tinkering with this since December.

When I get to the end of playing around with this, I'll switch to a gallon jug and use the full amount, but first I need to change out my filtration as that is the limit on the system now I think. Now I can never get the pH below 7.6, well sometimes 7.4, and I figure it is the Pengin HOB filter. I removed the biowheel and keep the water level high but it still drives off a lot of CO2 it seems. I start at 8.2 and so 0.8 or 1.0 pH drop may be the most I can get anyways, I don't know. With less than 2 wpg, it might not be that critical anyhow. My plants bubble now at least in the top half of the tank, so I'm happy enough.

If I can get the Hagen system mix figured out to last a full month for the 10 gallon and the 20 gallon, and a good 4 to 6 week mix for the 29 gallon, well, I just may have to find something else to work on. Heck, maybe the stock market will be fun again.
Shrimps don't eat much that you'll see, the only time you'll see them pile is when there is not enough biofilm. Don't worry they are eating

I feed my shimp every 2-3 weeks and they dont even swarm the food i put in. Their tank isnt dirty, but is very well established with plenty of biofilm. The little guys dont eat much, a lot of people seem to have trouble with that concept. If you overfeed you will end up with problems.
I had this same issue before. Tank was well established, but they never liked to swarm. I think things got better when I improved water quality of my PRL's and also stopped feeding as frequently. Now I have more shrimp, and the moment i drop in some of JAKES food (shameless rep) they swarm it. Literally my amanos will jack the food from other shrimp.
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