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My Shopping List

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Here's my shopping list for I just need someone to tell me if these things are worth getting or not and if I can get them cheaper somewhere else.

*Jungle Quick Clear, 8oz ($5.59)- It says it's just plain Potassium permanganate, but I'm not sure, since it clears up within a few hours. Is plain P. permanganate supposed to clear up that quickly? I need it to de-snail new plants, so can I get it from somewhere else for a lower price?
*Methylene Blue, 4oz ($3.89)- I don't really need this now, but I've read about its many uses and I'm under the impression that it's something good to have on hand. Do I really need it? Can I get it cheaper elsewhere?
*Melafix, 16oz ($9.29)- I have three female Bettas living together, so this is a staple. The problem is, I've read about Melafix being harmful to fish with labyrinth organs. Is this something I should be concerned about? I've also read that you can use plain Melaleuca oil as a cheap alternative. Is this true?
*3ml Plastic Pipettes (Pack of 10: $1.19/Pack of 100: $7.99)- I want to get these because I have only a few eyedroppers and they always seem to get misplaced. Should I get two or three packs of 10 or just go ahead and get the pack of 100?
*Betta Bio-Gold ($1.59)- I've had success with this before, and my Bettas don't like their current food, so I want to go ahead and get this.
*Three 35cc Syringes ($5.37)- For dosing ferts
*Prime, 500ml ($11.59)- I've got about a quarter of a bottle left, so I might as well get it now.

If you guys have any coupon codes, I'd appreciate it if you could pass them along. :icon_bigg
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You may be able to buy pure potassium permanganate from the hardware store, as it is used in machines that remove iron from water.

The plastic pipettes seem a little on the expensive side, but perhaps that is just me.
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