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My Red Tiger gal had her babies!

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I just checked on her this am and saw that there were NO eggs on her at I pulled her out to double check and YES she has had them. I got out the magnifier and wow its sooooo hard to see them against the breeder net, but there are little tiny shrimplets in there.

Of course with tigers, it will be a week or so before I can see any stripes on them, and probably a few more before I can tell IF any have red stripes, but for now I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Just watched my Blue Pearl mamma kicking at her abdomen too, and it looks like she's kicking the baby shrimps off her one at a time. Put a crick in my neck just trying to watch it all happening.

Guess I will know for sure later on tonight or tomorrow if she doesn't have anything under her belly, then they are in the net too! Cool!
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