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Today I did some dissasembely to my 10 gallon pencilfish tank and moved my pencilfish to a larger ttank. Now this photo here is a rather precarious situation amirite. (This is my acclimation tank. I see no use in using a whole bucket because it’s more likely to spill and it’s a pain. After I added the fish, I’ve noticed my tank has a lot more life because they are dithering. They used to bully the fish when they Went into the tank and over time I saw no activity or coolness out of them. (Pencilfish are part of lesbinadae which also includes phyrulinna and copella also the aplash tetra) now they actually school and stay in the top 1/3. I think the best idea is to add them after other fish are established so trhey cannot bully the other fish. Also I pulled out a massive chonker hornwort that was like 4‘ long which started out like 12” long i cut it up and out it in the middle and it made a nice impact in my tank :) im sorry I didn’t include a pic of it because I wasnt thinking about taking a pic but it was a monster and it was like a foot thick. Definitley a plant for my 20g! I don’t know what to do with my empty 10g but I was considering breeding RCS for my 20g. I also have a funny pic of my pencilfish below. Finally for today I have a qotd, do you guys use a net or your bare hands when you handle fish. I personally handle with my hands because it’s more gentle and I can connect with the animal. Also because it’s easier to have a fully controllable hand than a net to capture a fish ;) I always wet my hands in my api wuick safe start slime coat thingy I forgot the name but I dip my hands in it to make it safe for fish. Well cya for tonights journal.

Oops forgot the fish pic I nicknamed that one big chungus
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