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Hello Everyone,
I thought id share some pictures of my tank with everyone. Ive had this tank since i was about 12 years old, I’m 27 now. It was always a Fish Only tank with a few plants here or there never anything significant due to lack of knowledge of lighting, nitrogen cycle, nutrients, or anything else really. About a year ago i saw some pictures of planted tanks and was really impressed by the vibrant greens and reds along with the serene landscapes portrayed in some planted tanks. So i decided to set up a planted tank of my own to help distract me in between my enormous piles of homework (Civil Engineering Student).
So Ive spent a considerable amount of time, and probably more money than i should be comfortable with, researching and buying stuff for this tank. Over the course of the past year the tank has gone through a few iterations to bring it to its current place. I set up a nice arrangement of rocks at one point, but then i couldn't fit enough plants in there so they came out. Then this plant got too big, so it got moved, then i bought this other plant so another got moved, you know the story. The tank is nowhere near a show tank but it adds a ton of green next to my computer and I find myself constantly distracted and staring off into it...which is the point of all of this right? Well that’s the abridged version of the past year. There will definitely be a larger tank in the future and a more plants/fish. So have a look, make some comments, ask me anything...Thanks for reading.


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