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My planted tanks and tank room...

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Thought I would start a journal for my aquariums...currently I have 4 going at home, 1 at work, and 4 more 75Gs on the way. 4 of my tanks are dedicated planted tanks...the rest "have or will have" plants.

First I will introduce my 56G Column "Low Tech"

Humble beginnings March 2013

When it was initially planted...probably June 2013


The tank has spent the last 6 months or so with only 65watts of PC lighting since one of the ballasts in my Coralife fixture went out. I have since upgraded to a 2x24watt so hopefully the Vals actually start to grow now.


Filtration/Circulation-Rena XP3, Koralia 2
Lighting- Odyssea 2x24watt HOT5 with
Substrate-Pool Filter Sand
Hardscape- Load of driftwood, small river stones
Fish-4 Silver Angelfish, 4 BN Plecos, 2 GBRs, 20 Serpae Tetras, 1 HMPK
Plants- Jungle Val, NL Java Fern, Anubias nana, Anubias barteri

I plan to replace the stock Odyssea bulbs with a better bulb in the 10K spectrum.

Angelfish with eggs, actually have 2 mated pair in this tank which to my surprise arent trying to kill each other.

Mr. Bill
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Next my 20G high planted tank at work.

December 2013...shortly after setting up

January 2014...recently added DIY CO2 and more plants


Filtration/Circulation- AC50, Cascade Internal
Substrate- Pool Filter Sand
Hardscape- Malaysian driftwood, small river stones
Fish- 10 Tiger Barbs, 10 Dwarf Zebra Hovering Loaches
Plants- Sunset Hygro, NL Java Fern, C. lucens, C. wendtii, Red Tiger Lotus
CO2-2x2L soda bottles
Rootmedic ferts used "kind of" like EI dosing I dose 5 days per week, do a WC on Saturday and nothing on Sunday. Macros 3X per week, Micros 2X per week
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Then my 50G "High Tech"

Basic hardscape shortly after setting up December 2013

Plants have been added

Plants doing pretty well...Feb 2013


Filtration/Circulation- AC 110, Rio 600RVT(CO2 misting)
Lighting- Current 2x39watt HOT5 with 10K Catalina bulbs
Substrate- Pool Filter Sand
Hardscape- Manzanita stump, Seriyu Stone, Rock found locally
Plants- Anubias nana, Anubias barteri, Anubias coffeefolia, Mini Bolbitis, Hygro sp. Tiger, Apon boivinianus, Moneywort
Fish- 4 Turquoise rainbows, 1 rainbow shark, 1 flying fox, 8 ember tetras
CO2- Pressurized paintball cylinder at around 25 psi working pressure
EI Dosing

I plan to add C.wedntii in the red ovals to add some pops of color

I also hope to up my Turq rainbows up to 6, and my Embers up to 24. Still need a fish species for the upper level and am thus undecided.
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Last is my newest tank, a 50G TopFin Goldfish tank. I have wanted to try a planted goldfish tank for some time and decided to do a joint collaboration with my SO. This tank will be receiving a few "un-natural" elements including a buddha ornament somewhere in the rock and a LED bubble wand which we will use as a moonlight at night and to drive off CO2. This tank will also eventually receive pressurized CO2.

Present, tank is only a week old

Filtration/Circulation- Fluval 405, AC50, AquaTech 10-20
Lighting- Coralife 2x65watt with Catalina 10K bulbs
Substrate- Black Diamond 20-40 Blasting Sand
Hardscape- Malaysian Driftwood, Random LFS Driftwood, Locally sourced rock, River stones, and pieces of Slate
Plants- Hygro sp. Tiger, Anubias barteri, Jungle Val, NL Java
Fish- 4 Fantail Golds, 2 BN Plecos

I hope to add 12 zebra danios in the near future as well.
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