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My planted nano tank. Please critic.

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Hello everyone,

I'm not new here I've been a member of TPT forum for quite some time but never really posted anything about myself or tanks until now.

My tank is an eheim aquastyle 6 gallon. It has a beta 3 nerite snails and 3 dwarf chain loaches. Everyone gets along just fine. I want to kinda show it off but get some critiques as well. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for looking.


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Thank you Aplomado!
for your first shot this is very good, the wood looks odd to me and I am not a fan of the bamboo but that is just a personal preference so don't let it get to you. Good job
I love tanks with stuff growing out the top. I like that whole arrangement.

What kind of bulb is that?
Looks good to me as well, love the bamboo too. I'm a fan myself.

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Thank you everyone for the comments so far.

Jmf3460, don't worry everyone has their preference. I appreciate the comments.

Burr740, the bulb is the stock bulb that comes with the eheim aquastyle. It's an LED bulb though.

Mojo028, very nice bamboo setup. I like your tank as well

Just some info. It's not my first shot at a planted tank. It is on a nano tank though, lol
I used to have a 75 gallon planted tank picture below.


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I like it, especially the "lucky bamboo" which I recently found at isn't bamboo at all. It's most often a dracena. In your arrangement, it looks pretty natural, which is rather the opposite of what most people aim for with bamboo.

The wood creates an interesting shape ... I notice you created the same sorts of shapes in your previous 75g.
I love tanks with stuff growing out the top. I like that whole arrangement.

What kind of bulb is that?
EHEIM Power LED Full Spectrum Kit. I bought one used for a 4G vase. It is one bright light. Turned my betta vase into an algae farm. I need to buy a separate timer from the rest of the tanks on my rack so I can down the photo period.

I like bamboo, but not sure about how it looks with the other plants in the tank. Like others said, it's all personal preference, but I probably wouldn't mix bamboo and leafy plants. Definitely moss, and maybe a few "bushy" stem plants. But I don't think it goes well with crypts.
Well, you asked for a critique

I would love to find a tank that size and shape. Cuzz I really need another small tank:icon_wink The "bamboo" in the back looks kinda clumped. It might look nicer if you used it to hide the filter, and there was a bit of depth to its placement, rather than a straight line. That would be my only "critique". That being said, I am sure this tank will evolve as it grows in, and you start fiddling with it like most of us like to do.
Rescaped completely.

I decided the first scape look was a little to crowded. I wanted to open up the view and to view the fish better with a more natural scape. The castle is added by my daughter as a final touch, lol.


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Here is a view from the top of the tank


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I was thinking of getting the eheim 2211 canister filter for this tank and get rid of the eheim surface skimmer and the stock filter. They feel like an eye sore at the moment. What do you all think? Would the eheim 2211 be to much for a 6 gallon tank?
Dracanea is not sutied to the long term it will probably melt. You can refer this link
Like both of them but do prefer the second one.
And the castle almost looks like it belongs there...not over present.
Lucky that I live where it is all over but I have a couple of pieces of Rose Quarts
in my tank and I like the veins in it just like yours.
Redant, I don't have dracanea in the tank. I think your mistaking it for Blyxa japonica. They look similar though.

Thank you Raymond. The rose quarts stone are very nice stones. I like them a lot as well.
I like the second setup better. I agree the first one was too crowded. I would paint the back glass black so that the filter, cables, and other equipment are camouflaged and not take the attention away from the scape. About the Eheim, I have a 2211 and I have a 5 gallon tank, It is a good filter and you can put more filter media in that canister. And if you get clear tubing and inflow/outflow pieces to replace the green stock ones it will be much less noticeable on the aquarium, but It's not a requirement IMO. With the filter you have and doing periodic water changes, you should be good.
Chizpa, awesome info. Thank you. I will try the black on the back of the glass it sounds good. Thank you for the info in the 2211.
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