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For over a year I've been eying those $10 cookie jar at Walmart, thinking they would make an amazing planted nano. This the journey of what a simple container designed to house delicious sweets can be turned into!

Tank- 2 Gallon Cookie Jar from Wally World
Lighting- sylvania 6500k daylight cfl
Substrate- Eco-Complete
Flora- UnID crypt
UnID Ludwigia
Dwarf Sag.
Java Moss
Water Sprite
Fauna- 4 White Cloud Minnow
Equipment- Air Pump (Anti Surface Film Protection)

Warning! All photos were taken with a Cell Phone and Amateur photographer!


My first attempt. Took some of the dwarf sag from my pitiful emersed setup and was amazed at how fast it grew.


Bought a huge piece of Water Sprite from the LFS and added some more odds and ends from around the house. As you can see the Sag. really does live up to its reputation.


The watersprite reaching for the light.



Added some of my favorite fish, White Cloud Minnows.

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@ everyone You all are too kind! Not as beautiful as any ADA tank but is a fun project none the less!

@ Lauralou It does come with a lid! Previously had it as dirted emersed setup growing dwarf hair grass using only sunlight. So many options with this jar!

Sneak Peek at my other project!

One day I might use an actual camera!
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