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My planted 29

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This is for anyone who wants to keep up with it and also for me to keep track of costs and setup to see how everything goes. I have two other tanks, a 5.5 cherry shrimp, and a 10 planted community. This will be my first heavily planted tank.
I will list in the next post the items I have so fr and what they cost only so when I want to get a larger tank, which will eventually happen I will have a rough estimate as to what I will be needing.
I don't plan on actually setting up this tank for another month as I am redoing my computer room, I spend enough time in there I might as well put something to calm me down in there.
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Items I already bought
Tank. $29
Filter. Ehiem2213 $70(big Al's)
Heater. 100w $25
Substrate: 2x ecoComplete $17 each
1 x 20 lb black moon sand $20
Lighting: aqualife double t5ho $120
Marienland hiden LEDs (for moonlight) $50
Digital thermometer. $7
Background. $10
Driftwood. $50
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Really hoping to find some downoi so if anyone has any for sale I'm ready to buy!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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