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My planted 10g tank

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This is a 5 month old 10 gallon scape. It contains Cherry Shrimp, a Betta and 10 Dwarf Rasboras. It has a bit of a green thread algae problem but aside from that I think it is sucessful. 42w of light via CFLs and DIY CO2.

What do you all think?

The tank is kind of on autopilot now because it will be torn down in less than a month - the new 50 gallon is going in the same place as this tank.
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looks nice It has a wild grown in kinda look. Im sure your betta is very happy there.
I took the liberty to post your pic

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The tank is a kind of autopilot now, because it will be removed in less than a month - the new 50 gallon in the same place as it can.
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