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I guess I have 15 of these so called Malaysian Rainbow Shrimps in my 20 gal planted tank. I got them from the wild here in the Philippines. I think I can call them Philippine Rainbow Shrimps just because they are originally from the Philippines as I caught them here. Hehe. :hihi:

Rainbow Shrimp

It's so easy to find and catch them. They hide under rocks in the river stream and all you have to do is to lift the rock and presto, a Rainbow Shrimp is present but not all the time. You can catch them using a fishnet and by blocking their way by your hands and then lead them to your fishnet.
Based on my observation, female ones have brilliant dark colors raging to brown, black, dark green, dark blue, dark blue green, dark orange to dark yellow.

Pregnant Rainbow Shrimp.

The males ones have smaller body compared to females and have a whitish transparent color. Finding male rainbow shrimps are hard for me because of their almost transparent body. Their color blend with the rocks, dry leaves and woods in the river stream where they hide and most of the time, I got more female shrimps than males every time I went from catching them.

Male Rainbow Shrimp.

I've been keeping them for about 8 months and they are doing well with my tetras like Ember, Rummy Nose, Serpae and White Skirt Tetras.

Most of my shrimps were pregnant at the beginning and up to now but I can still find a single baby shrimp. Maybe the eggs won't hatch or my fishes ate the baby shrimps before I can see them. They love eating hair algae in my tank's substrate. They also eat leftover fishfoods like sinking pelltes and flakes. I think they also eat the tip of the leaves of my Stargrass.

I love having them in my planted tank because of their big size compared to other shrimps like Red Cherry Shrimps that are delicious foods for my big White Skirt and Serpae Tetras. I also love their color like this one.

Rainbow Shrimp in yellow color mode.

My 20 Gallon Low-Medium Tech Planted Tank
Your tank has great eye appeal!
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