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My Otos Mated, Pic of Eggs

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Hi guys, long story short I've had my very first tank up and running for about a month now (29g). I added 2 otos at first, then 8 cardinal tetras. Today, I went and bought 3 Kohaku Swordtails (1 mail 2 females). As soon as I added them, they became very territorial and started attacking my fish. They particularly went for the 2 otos. I don't know if it was the stress, but while running away the otos became very agitated and started mating like crazy! Weird... I'd never seen them mate before, and now they were going at it underneath my Amazon sword leaves. I immediately took the swordtails back and exchanged them for 6 rummynose tetras.. I have no idea how to take care of eggs or fry, so any advice would be appreciated. thanks!

As of right now the two otos seem to be doing what I can best describe as "dancing" near the eggs and pecking at them. The eggs are on the underside of the Amazon.

Here they are "tending" (i think?) to the eggs


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I had some ottos mate a few months back. Had at least 2 small fry for a couple weeks then they disappeared. The ottos were the only fish in the tank with a small colony of red rili shrimp. I'm hoping they mate again with better results.
Good luck.
thanks. thats what im worried about. I see at least 7 eggs by now.. I hope at least one survives till adulthood
Well with those fast tetras in the tank I would not hold much hope for the fry for long. Their best chance is without predators around, and even then it isn't a 100% chance.
Perhaps once the otos stop getting it on against the leaves and laying eggs, get a breeder basket (fine mesh box that hooks onto the inside of your tank) and move the leaves with eggs into it. Lets them get the water flow and filtration of the tank without the extremely high risk of being eaten. You can probably feed any fry that hatch hikari first bites or very finely ground algae waffers.
Well I checked today and ALL of them are gone. I'm guessing the cardinals or rummy nose at them.. Oh well
Well I checked today and ALL of them are gone. I'm guessing the cardinals or rummy nose at them.. Oh well
I'm sure they enjoyed the caviar ^^
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