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I finally convinced my wife to get rid of her Mickey Mouse platies. I went over a friends house to drop off some plants and she found something in one of his tanks she loved. I picked up 2 half beaks. Now, the new adventure starts. It looks like the female is already pregnant so I'm jumping right into this one.
Here's where this story takes a cool little turn. I'm scooping out all the platies and I see something dart across. I stop and look really hard, it's a baby Cory sterbai. My wife took a wad of hornwort out of my Cory tank and put it in hers. Must have been an egg she missed. That tough little bugger is healthy and happy. I'm gonna leave him in there and let him be for a while. What a nice surprise.
Sorry it's a crappy picture.
Next week I'm taking him some of my yellow shrimp. I can't wait to see what I come home with then.
He sells stuff on aqua bid under the name of "lotsoffish". You pretty much name it, he can get it. He's got some awesome guppies and swordtails.
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