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i purchased this zoomed naturalistic small terrarium about 1 year ago and used great stuff spray foam and built a nice waterfall and land and water sections then carved it all nice then proceeded to cover it all in silicone and coconut fiber which looked great then i found out the silicone i used,silicone2 anti mold and mildew was no good and the terrarium went into the closet and not thought about until a few weeks ago. i started looking into rebuilding the terrarium. i used zoomed hydro balls on the bottom and then a plastic screen and on top a layer of coco fiber then sphagnum moss .the back round is zoomed cork "bark" i got a bromeliad from Lowe's to start with and a piece of mopani wood. behind the cork is a marineland utility pump with a sponge filter attachment I'm planning on making a waterfall still. the bottom of the tank was filled with water to cover the hydroballs creating a water table. now some questions! does anyone have any ideas on fertilization, ways to combat mold,or fungus if they arise? plant suggestions? fauna suggestions? i have a 26w ott cfl in a cone reflector the inside is white. will this be enough light or will i need to upgrade? any critiques or comments would be appreciated. thanks for looking!



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