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my new tank will they grow

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i have a 55g with eco complete and 2 55w bulbs f55bx/ar/fs. here is the info on them (55watts T5 4-Pin (2G11) Base 9,325K Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium High Lumen Biax Compact Fluorescent GE Light Bulb). im dosing flourish twice a week. i have the lights on for 10 hours a day. a ehime 2217 and 1 802 power head for filtration. 1 pleco and 1 bicher. ive had a few plants in there for a week or so and so far they have done nothing? plants are anubis and a couple swords. im shooting for low tech planted tank. any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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Anubias and swords are slow growing plants. It will take them some time to get acclimated to your tank and even then will grow pretty slow.
If those bulbs are in a AH Supply light kit, with their great reflector, you probably have high medium light, but if they are in an Ebay fixture, you might barely have low light. What is the substrate?
eco complete for substrate. they are in the metal shinny reflector. should i raise them up a bit? or will they be ok? thanks
I'd just watch and see how it goes. If you start having lots of algae issues, lower your photoperiod and raise the fixture up off the tank a few inches.

I think you should be able to make it work.

I'd probably add some nerite snails to the tank, though, since most other algae eaters would probably have issues with the Birchir.

What kind of pleco do you have?
hi laura
its a albino sailfin pleco (that is a pig) and the bicher will be moved to to my other tank a 125 with a custom 3d background when i get done (im close!). i just posted in another tread about snails. i would love to get some but my water is kinda soft ( i will test soon) what can i do to harden it up for some snails? the lights have been on for a week no alge yet! thanks for any help
How soft is "kinda"?

You can always dose some baking soda (calcium bicarbonate) to raise the hardness if you really need to. The only trick then is maintaining stable levels during water changes.
not sure yet gotta buy a kit and test. what hardness do they like?
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