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My new tank and a plant question!

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Hello, I figured I would introduce myself and ask a question or two. So I got my tank setup finally. A friend gave me a 10g tank about a week ago and I am going through a fishless cycle with Moneywort, and some kind of plant with big green/reddish leaves that's planted(2 of them). I have also since added an assassin snail as I had a pond snail(s?) attached to one of the plants. Anyways I started out using a full fluorescent bulb top he gave me, and switched to a glass lid with a 20" led strip light(cheaper electricity and looks nicer). It's a Aqueon and holds two led lights. After two days I noticed the two big leaf plants starting to droop pretty bad after buying the led the shop guy suggested. The day light it included I don't think was enough light for the plants. So I went and bought a multi-colored light to add to it today. Will that be enough or should I take the led strip-light back if I want plants? I have also noticed the bigger leaf plants loosing a lot of their roots(as you can see in my picture around the filter), but I think that is just from re-arranging them a lot which I have them where I want them now I think.

I plan to also eventually add about 5 neon Tetras, and 3 cory catfish.

Thanks for any help!


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