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My new shrimp tank...

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So I finally moved into a new house and set up my only shrimp tank. I have decided that messing around with RO/DI water is not for me so going strictly tap water with the small addition of Shirakura Ca+ to increase the GH. Three weeks ago I ordered OEBT, CRS, CBS and PFR all for this tank. Today I noticed that one of the CRS and a few of the PFR are berried which is obviously a great sign. Not sure if the babies will survive due to the tap water but we'll see over the next few weeks. I was actually going to use any shrimp born in my tank as live food for my tiger barbs in my large 3 foot by 3 foot cube sitting in the living room. When I had shrimp in my last place I did the whole RO routine with 25 different foods and tons of supplements. The shrimp were breeding a bit too fast for my taste so definitely taking the minimalist approach with this tank. No more supplements aside from the GH addition and no more tinkering with the parameters nonstop. I do not even age the water, it comes directly from the sink. It's much more enjoyable now without having to spend a decent amount of my time on maintenance. Can't wait for it to fill in with all the anubias; I'm actually contemplating whether I should add co2 in this tank (I have a spare setup sitting somewhere in the basement).

Tank water parameters:
TDS: 230
PH: 7.4
GH: 6
KH: 6

ADA 60-P
ecocomplete substrate
heater (not sure why I even installed it since house has central air and heat so stays at 72 degrees nonstop).
aquaclear 50
24 inch finnex planted+

tons of anubias nana petitie (around 250 leaves last I counted).
anubias white
christmas moss
hydrocotyle japan
tons of baby crypt nurii

PFR x11
CRS x5
CBS x5

Quick pic from today. I never fill the water all the way to the top since the hang on back filter generates a pretty strong current and has the ability to spill water out of the tank if it's overfilled.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words. The anubias is all attached to driftwood and will look pretty unique once it all fills in.

I see... I like it man. Is that your original white Anubis's?
I had maybe 5x that amount but I gave it out some friends. I am left with 2 plants now each one having maybe 10 leaves. Just noticed today that a few new leaves are coming in so it should be no time before it takes off again.

you should have no problem with breeding crs in that tap. mine was tap and they did fine. i never used ro water and they would breed for me. might take them a bit but you will get there with them
Good to know. My tap water is actually fairly soft so I am adding GH just for the Neos. I've noticed in the past that my neos would never do well in water with a GH of 4 (or below).

My water right out of the tap:
TDS: 130
GH: 4

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Added some Crypt Ideii and Crypt Bullosa that I took out of my large cube. They were getting overrun in that tank due to their slower growth. So now the shrimp tank has a ton of smaller crypts in the front. I started to add a little bit of Potassium to the tank since my tap water lacks it. I am also hoping that by adding a tad of fertilizers will slow down the shrimp breeding since they all seem to be walking around berried (especially the PFR). Tank is at a perfect balance right now so don't want it overrun with shrimp.

Berried PFR:


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Tank has a ton of these little ones all over the place. Looks like shrimp do not mind tap water after all.....and all these years I was messing around with RO and various additives. :)

taken with iphone with one of those little lens attachments.

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