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my new set-up with ADA soil New Amazonia soil tested with 0 ammonia on day2?

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I just set up my Fluval edge 12g tank with New ADA soil Amazonia (powder type), layered about 1.5 to 2 inches, and was topped off with about 1.5" of pool filter sand. I filled the tank with 3g of RO water(bc I initially thought I had to do 100% water change for the next 4 days with ADA soil), placed few frogbits on top of the water, and placed a bit of cycle bacteria. I tested the water before I went to bed, which read between 0.25ppm ammonia.
This morning, I tested water again, and it read 0ppm ammonia, and 0 nitrite, and 0 nitrate. Do you think my reading is off?

I am at work now, but I am going to go home and re-test the water parameters... but is this normal that ammonia is gone so quicky? or is my test kit just playing with my mind?!
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