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So I picked up a 70 gallon tall tank the other day from a friend.... tank dimensions are 36" long x 15" wide x 30" deep. I originally bought it with the idea on going full saltwater but promptly got a reality check once I started doing the math on the price of setup...

So fast forward thru lots of googleing and searching thru new ideas and got the idea to doing a mandrake brackish setup.

Its such an odd and deep tank size it took me a couple days to decide on a direction (and before anyone says anything about such a tall tank, I'm 6'5" and plan on buying a snorkel) and I kind of like the idea of the mandrake roots highlighting the depth of the tank.

I want to make some clear acrylic "planters" to hang on the sides and back to grow the mandrakes in plus whatever other plants. And then do a bunch of lace rock as a bit of a centerpice of sorts...

So what I'm looking for is some suggestions on other plants that will grow in brackish water both submerged and riparium style that will grow long roots.

If anyone else has ever done something like this I would love to see pictures and would also like plant and livestock suggestions!

If there is enough interest I will start a journal on this tank. But I would love feedback either way
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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