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My new Glass Belly Guppies- You can see thru them

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I just got these sent to me on Thursday. They are so neat looking. I was told by an aquarium shop in my area. I may be the only one that has these in my area. The lady that I bought them from sells on her seller name is Mandy1, look under Guppies section on aquabid on second page you can find her. She has them listed now until I think tomorrow but does not list to often. bidding is set at $5 with no reserve price and shipping is good at $14. She has 15+fry in one auction and 6 prehit females in another auction. They are snakeskin glass belly but throws off red and blues sometimes. I think her listing ends tomorrow. She's very nice as I asked alot of questions and she got back to me. She sent them priority mail med flat rate, thick styrofoam insert, breather bags. All arrived in perfect shape. She ships from Oregon.

In the meantime check out my pictures I recently took of them. You can see the heart beating in front, the intestines, the eggs of one of the pregnate females I got and the development of the babies. Sort of creepy but neat I think.


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those are pretty neat, although personally, if I had them I would use them as an excuse to do a really strange tank (like, make a miniture city with ghostly guppies "flying" between plants, just all industrial feel)
maybe some glo-fish as well to complete the etheral feel of the tank

I need another tank and more money now, damn you XD
They are weird looking. I seen some glass catfish at petco the other day.
Wow, those are totally unique. Cool fish!
I mailed all my endlers that I had to someone and only kept 5. 3 females and 2 males that I've been working on as I like Blue and these are a blue color endlers. I put them in my Black and blue themed 30 gal. bowfront tank. 5 Black swordtails, 7 Blue Lampeye Killies, amano shrimps 2 baby panda cories.

I devoted my 20 gal. tank to these Glass Belly guppies and it seems to be my x-ray tank as I just got 6 snowball shrimps added to the tank as you can see thru them also. The Black substrate and a black background really makes the fish look neat. you can check them out on YouTube under Glass Belly or See Thru guppies from others that have them.

If you email Mandy1 on she is really good about getting back to you and she will sell you some even though she does not have them listed.I had her email saved and contacted her on buying some from her. Posted a picture of my metalic blue black bar endlers that I kept and my new snowball shrimps. I like the idea of the buildings and the Glass Belly guppies sort of like a errie I'am Legend DVD with just buildings I may be selling some of mine when I have a nice group.Not sure it they have a For Sale section on The Planted Tank or not.


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The Swap N Shop section is where you sell stuff on here.
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