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your system is kind of silly.
first you diffuse off a disk,
then you recombine the bubbles in a tube,
only to be disbursed by a small powerhead?

take the tube away, and lower the powerhead,
so the disk diffused bubbles rise up and get
blown around by the powerhead a bit
before they reach the surface and pop, or
get rid of the powerhead entirely as it's surface
agitation only releases more Co2 into the room air.

at least you have cool looking check valve :tongue:

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Wasserpest yes its in prep for a planted tank the goldfish are in there to help cycle the water will start planting tomorrow so ill have a photo album started. been taking photos of the tank every step of the way. Currently have ada aquasoil amazonia, power sand special, Aqualina power compact 36w 18", jager heater, eheim 2006 internal filter (temp till i get my eheim 2232), Gamba check valve and bubble counter, nano co2 diffuser with DIY co2 and ADA brighty K and step 1.

spypet thanks for the advice will change it and the bubble counter is a gamba check valve which should last my lifetime.
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