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my new 75g

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I just scole this whole baby for $180 drop off :) Seller was nice enough to drop it off.

Need some idea how to scape this tank :) yes another discus tank.
I keep a couple plant tank but nothing NICE, need a show tank.

How do people keep hills? hills i build always fall back down or be move by filter/fish.

This 75 is going to be Dirt cap with Sand not sure if I want black or white/tin sand yet.
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Sweeet! I thought I got a good deal when I got a 55 S&S for free with a fluval 304 and stand, the tank is in close to perfect shape but no eheims. Had to drive an hour to pick it up:icon_cry:, you had yours delivered pretty sweet deal.
I have never made a hill in my tank but i have heard that if you use the plastic trim that you would use around a garden and burry it it acts as a good foundation and will help prevent your sub from falling down.
Sweet dude. Your going to LOVE your 75G (If not, ill take it ;D). my 75G was my first planted tank. I Love it because its big enough to do just about EVERYTHING in a single tank :D. Of course, thats still not enough for me, so now ive got two 20L's :O
Haha. As for hills, personally i dont really have hills. What i do is waves. Dont know why, its just what ive always done (Did it in the 75G. Starts with ~1" of substrate on the right, and then on the left theres 5" or so). Works great and you dont have to worry about it running off anywhere.
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