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So I haven't had a tank in over a year, none what so ever :(

Last week I picked up this tank and stand for $150 Canadian, came with a 305 and DIY hood. Neither of which were going to work.

So I drilled out the tank and set up a sump, using a fluval sp2 return pump and a 15gallon sump, I'll get pictures of this soon.

Then the lighting, my LFS had a nice 4x 39w T5HO reeflight for dirt cheep, picked that up, still need to cut some glass inserts so I can centre it on the tank.

Then I had an idea ( likely not a new one mind you, but new to me) I went to the local landscaping supply store and bought roughly 400lbs of decorative flagstone and "substrate" for $40.00

Here she is with just the hardscape! Still super cloudy!

Just finished planting!

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