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Hey everyone i just got a sweet new 30 gallon for christmas, i recieved it 3 weeks early and let it cycle. i must say i think i did pretty good with this tank.:smile:

The Current plants im stocking:
-Anubias Nana
-Java Fern
-Bacopa Carolina
-El Nino Fern
-Amazon Frogbit

The Current Fish im stocking:
-Gold Gourami x1
-German Blue Rams x2
-White Cloud Mountain Minnows x5
-Green corydoras x4 (i dont know if they're emerald just picked them up at petsmart becuase they were only 3 bucks. they were labeled green corydoras)
-Ghost shrimp x8
-Khuli Loach x2 (black and pangio)
May add my cray but idk yet.

Check out my videos:
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