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My New 30 gallon

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Just planted yesterday. Excited to get back into it.
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Easy to see from the pics what's going on. 2 13w CFLs in clamp lights, an HOB and a HOT Magnum filter. No fish yet.
From the first pic..looks like u have alot of water movement. I could be wrong though. May i also suggest getting a bigger stand. Corners should be supported.
Pretty! But I agree with bgallodoro24. You need a bigger stand.
Wow. Nice tank. but bgallodoro24 is right.
Really? The guy I bought it from said he had it on it for 3 years. That stinks.

There is a lot of water movement. I somewhat worry too much. I want to put angelfish in it at some point.
Really? The guy I bought it from said he had it on it for 3 years. That stinks.

There is a lot of water movement. I somewhat worry too much. I want to put angelfish in it at some point.
It would probably last another 3 years but me personally...i wouldnt be able to sleep at night lol. And angels dont like alot of water movement. Other than that great start.
It was a rainy day in Austin today, so couldn't play with the outside plants.

Instead I got some snails today. 2 "hairy" nerites and one trap door snail. Put them in the 30 gallon. So far it is just them and a few MTS.

Also, I got a few plants, but on the way home I stopped at Petco because I wanted to do something with this betta bowl my girlfriend has. Her betta died, which I expected. She wants one in it, so I decided I'd try to plant it up so maybe this little guy wouldn't have such a tortured experience as the last one.

While there I found a great looking java fern and amazon sword in there weird tube section. And I rescued a peace lilly and some bamboo from being sold as "aquatic" plants. They are on top of the betta bowl now.

So anyway, here is a few photos of that bowl, my 30 gallon, and a little 1.5 or the bathroom "window" tank.
If you don't want to get a new stand, hit your local home/lumber store with measurements in hand and have 'em rip you down a support (make sure it's not something that'll warp) board 1/4" to 1" bigger all around than your tank's footprint. Sand it, stain it, seal it. Or--if you're lazy like me--throw a coat of cheap acrylic on it and seal with whatever varnish hits your hands first.
actually, I'm not very worried about it.
I don't mean to be annoying, but I hope you've tried to convince your girlfriend to get a much larger bowl/tank for her betta... :icon_frow
Haha. Yeah. Hence the additions. I won't add one for at least a month. She used to have one in an even smaller bowl at her old apartment for 2 years before we lived together. So at least I can make this one more comfortable than that.
Just ordered some Thai micro crabs for the little bathroom tank. Should get here tomorrow.
i wouldn't trust a fish tank where the corners weren't on a stand. it's just too much pressure.
Went to Petsmart instead of Petco today, to pick up some lava rocks for my micro crab tank. While there my girlfriend decided she liked the ryukin goldfish so much we bought two small black ones. They are the tanks first inhabitants. I guess no angels, but I didn't really want them anyway. Now I can fit a lot of smaller fish in. On Saturday I think I am going to go to the LFS, and get some corys.

The tank is now kind of a half and half of my girlfriend and I. Her side is a castle and a bubbling clam, and my side is drift wood.

Also, here are a few photos of the other creatures, a trapdoor snail, and a hairy nerite.
I wouldn't consider Goldfish a smaller fish.....or at least not in a few years they won't be.
Goldfish can get over a foot long
also, they like it cold and will DESTROY ALL YOUR PLANTS
I'd return it asap
Just a few update photos. The tank is offically 2 months old. About 2 weeks ago I had an ICH outbreak. I have been dosing RID ICH, a few fish died one cory and a few tetras, some fish still have white spots, but everyone is active and otherwise seem healthy. I'm hoping that they all survive. It has been about a week, well a week and 3 days since a death. Anyway, here are some photos of the tank. I think two of the photos are of the pygmy corys. The photos exaggerate their size. They are tiny. The tank inhabitants are the pygmy corys, tetras neon and golden, some other corys, and a few halfbeaks. The halfbeaks are super cool. Very active and social.

Thanks for taking a look.
Just a few photo updates on the tank. It seems to be doing great. No problems. Haven't tested in a long time, but when I last did everything checked out. The plants have exploded and the fish seem very happy. I currently have quite an assortment of fish. I have 3 Corydoras paleatus, as well as 5 more corys of that size, but I cannot remember what they are called. I also have 3 Corydoras habsarosas and 3 Aspidoras eurycephalus I believe, and 2 "flame" corys. Also, I have 9 pygmy corys. In addition there is a school of 5 neon and 3 golden tetras, 3 wrestling halfbeaks, a hillstream loach and a twig catfish. On top of all that, there is a fancy goldfish, and some large number of nerite snails. Like 10 or something. There is even one huge trapdoor snail who grew up in this tank. I've had no problems in the last 3 months.

As far as fertilizers, I put in 4 seachem roottabs every 3 months, and twice a week I do a water change and I add the seachem liquid nutrients. I also does excel daily.
Thanks for taking a look.
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