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I currently have a 30 l that i do weekly 50% water change and then dose with liquid ferts for weekly EI (used this calculator ). Seems to work ok. I am still working out some other water parameter issues, but the ferts seem ok.

The fish for the 20 h (Threadfin Rainbow fish, also shrimp and snails) I'm about to kick off (starting fishless cycle tomorrow) don't like large water changes, but frequent small changes. I'm assuming a couple gallons every 3 days or so. What does that mean for fert dosing? Is the best choice to measure N, K & P, then bring up to some "correct" level? I'm not sure of my plants yet, but assume easy, like: Java moss, Java Fern, some simple/easy stem plants (maybe ludwigia, watersprite, wysteria, something with red - rotala?), maybe 1 sword (I have 4 in my 30), some sort of dwarf something for the foreground. I have ECO Complete and Flourite for substrate and a Coral Life T5NO for freshwater. I am currently investigating pressurized CO2. I use Excel in my 30 now, but have heard that Excel and many invertebrates do not mix.

Any and all comments are welcome.


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