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My new 18 inch acrylic cube

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This is my new CRS tank. It's an 18 inch acrylic cube with a double bright led light. I have a 2213 linked to a 2215 connected to an under gravel filter. I'm using a mix of Amazonia and Africana.
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Wow! That looks really great. Good job on it:). The CRS will love it!
I have a few in there already. I started it in the beginning of July and let it cycle for 2 months.
Nice, who's that a home for matt?
My CRS and CBS but I have my one BKK in there too.
I want to use my old CRS tank for princess bees but I'm still finding babies in there.
I want to use my old CRS tank for princess bees but I'm still finding babies in there.
Ah, the good old, the tank is clear, no wait, another baby, no wait another baby game. lol. Played that lots thinking a tank is empty.
That is an extreme amount of filtration wow :O! What' is the approximate tank size?
It's a 25 gallon but it's not filled to the top.
Oh that's pretty big haha. What's that other tank in the first picture, I see the spraybar :O
It's the same tank before being filled. Here's a pic of it being set up, you can see the spray bar better in this one.
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_________________________________^ that tank ^

No like the one on the "floor" or whatever is down there haha
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Was that the kijiji score one you got Matt ?
The green thing on the bottom is the under gravel filter plate. The Eheims are connected to the uplift tube from the plate.
Yes that's the one from my awesome kijiji score.
omg haha. the other tank. I updated my other post ._.
The one on the floor is the old tank that was there. I'm still trying to catch babies from that tank.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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