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My nano low teck tank

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Love how this tank looks to bad it won't stay this way. Click the link to see stuff on it. Very low budget. Hope the soil stays put.
Going to add some water spirit to help keep the algae at bay. At least I hope it well. This tank has much more light then I'm use too.
Yesterday before fish were added.

Today with the new fish.

Normally when a tank starts going south on me I start over. :icon_redf Plan to ride this one out see if I can keep it going a while. :thumbsup:
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Looks like a good start. Do you have lights over that thing or are you basing your light on the sun?
If you already have lights over the tank then place the tank somewhere where the sun wont shine into it. Otherwise your asking for algae.
From what i can see all the plants you have in there are awsome for low light tanks but can suffer from algae. That is why you need to choose one source of light. The sun (second pic) or the lights over the tank (first pic).
No other place to put it. Ill have to close the drapes the rest of the way.
It is a JBJ tank they come with a full hood with lights. I did replace the saltwater light with one of their plant lights though.
Planing to get some water spirit but have to order it next week. Spent all the money I had for it already. lol
New picture. This was taken 20 days later.

I added some water spirit and I have five glowlight tetras.
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