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Well I had transformed a wicker basket into a 6g nano baby pond(is there a such thing?LOL). But it was a pain to deal with getting it set up. I dont have pics of me catching the fish but it wasnt pretty. Water and plants flew....okay thats just a bit dramatic but you get my point.:flick: About 20 minutes ago I started acclimating the fish. I put them in ziplock baggies and just let them float. Its a drip acclimation cause thats my favie way lol.

Back inside Im draining the tank to get the flourite as it holds some beneficial bacteria that can make this go very smoothly.

Almost done with the draing......(so impatient at this point lol, so I use my scooping device. You'll see what it is ;))

Here are the Male Mosquitofish that are going into the pond.(Sorry for the blurriness)

And the Female.

My scooping device lol.

After adding flourite its kinda cloudy.

Got the stones the way I wanted finally.

Added the banana Plant(wich s going bye bye today lol)

And my guppy grass that is in between the stones.

More updates as it progresses.

Oh almost forgot.
Fauna: 4 Mosquitofish, 2 Rosy Red Minnows
Flora: Guppy Grass, Dwarf Sag
FiltrationTopFin 10(But soon going to get a ZooMed 501. Would that be enough on this?)
Lighting: The Sun

Thanks. And post any constructive criticism you have. I improve with it :)


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the TF10 filter is suffecient i think.

grab a perry's baby red lily, parrot's feather, and some pickeral rush and that sucker wil be amazing.
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