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My Nano 2.5

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It isnt much, but I like it.

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How do you guys do it. I am having a hard time aquascaping my 10g and you are decorating 2.5g's lol. Whats the plants, lighting, and inhabitants(fish and other)?
I just use smaller plants from trades, pups, etc. My skills are horrible.
What's the stem plant in the right back corner?
i like it. i have a fake plant like that in my 10 gal. i like banana plants. got 4 of them in my 2.5 gal
nice tank! Looks like you got RCS in there. I see two. Is that light a Coralife Aqualight Mini? Sure looks like it. Is that Java fern windelov's rhizome buried? Its not supposed to be.
Cute! I like the wave of the tank and the black gravel.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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