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My lowtech 10 gallon

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Hey everyone im sort of new to the forum and i just wanted to share with you guys my 10 gallon planted community tank.

The plants i have in here are anubias nana,Wisteria and el nino fern.

In the tank my inhabitants are crayfish, ghost shrimp, a gourami, and some white clouds. theres also 2 assassin snails and a 2 khuli loaches (Black and pangio)

These guys get along perfectly peacefully with my other inhabitants. i love them there the best to watch.

Plenty of these guys as a cleanup crew

Kind of hard to get a pic of the white clouds theyre pretty fast.

Thanks for checking out my 10 gal its a really nice aquarium and i hope u guys like it.
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i have 2 little guys and i love them. they always active and doing something. they're really interesting creatures and they love to move the gravel around and build. haha i remember one time i came in to have my cray had build a wall of clams outside his den, and i came back an hour later and it was all back to normal.
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