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My low-tech, low-budget 10g

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Here are a couple shots of one of my 10 gallon aquariums. I set this one up to house some cichlid fry and decided to play around with it a little. It uses a Mattenfilter. I occasionally dose flourish and excel, but not much.
Flora includes a Java moss wall, taiwan moss on rocks, potted hygro, potted crypt lucens, some potted HM, and a little partially emersed HM at the top of the filter pad.
Fauna is 7 Otopharynx Lithobates fry, and a couple pond snails in the filter chamber (the cichlids eat all the ones that cross over into the main tank).
Enjoy. I really apreciate compliments AND criticism. Thanks!

Main tank shot

Top of filter pad/moss wall with emersed HM

:fish: :fish: :fish: :fish:
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Forgot to add lighting is 2 10W CFs
Its nice start. A few things. As far as the scaped I think if you layout out the plants accordingly in a nice layout it will look nicer. Even adding stones with moss tied to it will make it look like a miniature garden. The moss wall(Doubt thats what it trying to be but meh) is quite interesting. Is it just the foam sponge for like Aquaclear filters? Also add some more sand to the tank. That way you can bury some of the pots and give height and differences to the tank. The last thing is what are the pots filled with?
Thanks for the input. I havent been too concerned about the layout of the plants much yet because of the fish. They like to nibble on the hygro leaves, and hide in the moss "wall" (yes, that's what I was going for originally) But these guys will soon be moved to a larger tank once they are a little bigger. Once thats done i want to try more 'scaping. The foam is just like the aqua clear foam pads. I found it in the pond section. I had to trim it down to fit in the tank. There is an extra foam piece from an aqua clear sitting on top of the powerhead. Its just there to stay damp and colonized with bacteria in case I need it. The crypt is potted with a root tab and sand capped off with a little gravel. The hyrgo is in just gravel, and the hm is just sand and gravel.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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