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ok this is a good way to save cash and have a great tank,
1. found old 20g tank cleaned it with salt put electricians tape on outside (you dont need to but i was being a worry wart and put it there if the seals weren't "perfect")
2. glass jars filled with gravel and fake grass great hiding place and center peice as long as it is a fancy jar.
3. dont buy expensive gravel for subsrat just take that water you rinsed the 15$ gravel in let it sit a night and circulate it in the tank without fish in it for a couple of days. this will let the dust and dirt settle on the gravel and be liek a fertilizer.
4.BUY THOSE STARTER KITS i bought a 30g starter kit for 60$ and the filter and heater alone were worth 70$ plus extras like fish food a net balancers.
5. this is the only pricy part but it makes a huge difference the 32$ testtube ph and other chemicals kit.
6. all together around 100$ once you count plants and fish i have a card with the store that has already saved me so much.
7. p.s. buy cheap rocks if you but them in the tank before there are fish it will make the p.h. a nice balance just rinse them off.
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