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My little baby, she is getting huge.

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She is 8 months old and weighing in just under 80lbs! She is going to be a monster.. What a cutie!

This pic was taken last month.. When she was about 65 lbsish


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Yes, she is very cute!
Awwww! What a big sweeety! (said in puppy-dog voice)
So many rott and pit bulls in the pounds, poor guys. Hope you got it from a good breeder or from the pound.
Here's my baby boy at 8 months. He's 3 now. Not sure how much he weighed at 8mo, but he weighed 60lbs at 4 months.

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duh..forgot to say your little girl is adorable!
and she is such a "Love Bug", she just loves you too death..
lol..mine, too. He's not happy unless he's on top of you.
like this. haha

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