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My light went dim

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I have an AHSupply 36 watt one bulb light setup over my 10gallon. I just came downstairs to find it's putting out about 1/3 of the light it normally does. I turned it off and on, tapped the bulb and ballast (for what reason I don't know), but nothing changed. Think it's the bulb or the ballast? I've had the setup 6 or 7 months I think, and it's been fine until tonight.

I took the light down and looked at the bulb, and about 2" of the bulb from the endcap has turned dark, and the plastic is a little brownish yellow. Nothing is out of the ordinary hot. I unplugged the bulb and replugged it in, and got about a second of full light, then it went back to dim.
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Sound like your light had kicked the bucket.

Once they tunr dark on the ends it is pretty much over.
Agreed. The bulb is probably bad. But, to be sure, unplug the light from the wall and check all your wire nut connections.

I don't use wire nuts as a general rule, I use butt or tap connectors.

I ordered a new bulb. I check my connections semi-regularily just because I'm paranoid of cheesy connections AND my own DIY skills.

On another note, I just planted about $40 worth of hairgrass the day before that is in need of a little TLC and probably won't have my new bulb for 3 days. Think the hairgrass will make it?

Thanks for the replies!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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