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My ghost shrimp tank lol

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Here is my ghost shrimp tank:tongue:

There was 10 in there, I threw 4 in my saltwater tank as feed:biggrin:. Now I have about 5 in there, last one at the back in the HOB sump if you can see.

There is also a dwarf golden barb in there, really cute.

Can anyone suggest on how I should plan out the aquarium, I made the substrate looks like going uphill and a tree with moss on the left, a small plant growing in the middle. It looks like a desert to me lol.

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I've actually had terrible luck with dwarf hair grass. But I think it might be because it was at the bottom of my 29 gallon... It just kind of got smaller and smaller until it was no longer haha. But maybe it would work better only being 10 inches away from the top of the tank instead of 20!
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