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My Fluval Ebi!

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So I got the Ebi for Christmas. It's great. To start I will say that the kit is awesome, and although I never really have been a fan of kits in any hobby, this one's great. I will however say that there are a few cons to the kit. First, it doesn't come with much Fluval Shrimp Stratum to really slope the substrate. I have trouble covering the pot/planter of my Narrow Leaf Hygro, even at the steepest, deepest part of the slope. Secondly, when you adjust the filter's output, it rattles when you set it to low. So I keep it high. And third, it doesn't come with a heater. So add another thirty bucks. But anyway, on with the good part! Pics! So let me figure out how to post them...

Okay, figured it out... (Edit- or not!)
Full tank shot.
Right-side view.
One of two Orange-Eyed Blue Tiger Shrimp.
The HUGE Java Fern.
The Hygro.

And Cabomba.

Inhabitants are: OEBT (2), RCS (3-4), CRS B-C Grade (2), Amano (1), Female Betta (1), Otocinclus (2), and Bristlenose Pleco (1). Hope to stock with more of all of the shrimp mentioned, plus more, CPOs, and even more. This tank is gonna be great! Please, add your suggestions. I put more wood in and changed the scape a little. Oh, and day after tomorrow, the tank will have been set up for two weeks. Thanks for viewing, and leave comments!

Edit: Just noticed something kind of important... I can't see the pictures! Can you? I tried using IE, too, but still can't see them! Hmmm. I hope you guys can see them. Please help if you know how to fix this problem!

Edit: Changed pics. Just open the links, and hopefully someone will tell me how to properly put photos inside the text.
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I can see the pics if i click the links. Looking good!
It looks like a great start!

But just an FYI, the Bristlenose Pleco grows too big for a tank that size:(
Geniusdudekiran said:
Tank looks nice. Any updates to it?
Yeah, I'll probably update this weekend. I'm getting a Fluval Flora this weekend too, so I'll probably just make them both in this thread.
Your OEBTs and CRS will interbreed.

Nice tank! Watch out for that though
Actually the OEBT died off
Actually the OEBT died off

Probably for the better, whats the point of buying expensive shrimp like OEBTs and CRCs if they interbreed? An ugly color will be produced so it's a waste of money if they interbreed. Might as well paid for cheaper shrimp that already have an ugly color.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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