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Starting plants were:
java moss
L. Glandulosa
L. Repens
Alternathera Reinekii
crypt. Wendii

I started it for a few months in my apartment, sitting in a bright window, then my mom noticed it and decided she wanted it. It's been sitting in her window with more water than I would normally have in there, but it's defiantly growing. The java moss, HC, and DHG are all growing like crazy, and even the crypt is still alive. Apparently she's had to whack away at the Alternathera and ludwigias, and when I got it back, the Althernathera was pretty much just a stick. However I've noticed that there's a few little sprouts of the stems that I didn't plant in there, so I know good things have been happening. Looking forward to seeing more growth from it.

This is Steve, her "co-worker"

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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