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My first shrimp :D

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Well today I went to the LFS and got me my very first shrimp! A staff member there said she must have come in with a plant shipment because she was just sitting alone in the plant tank. Shes a red cherry shrimp, I believe her redness is enough to classify her as a fire red. She's just chilling out solo in my 38 gallon with some swordplant. I got her for only 99 cents and the best part is SHE'S BERRIED! I'm supah excited to have a colony soon and I covered the filter intake with a media bag so they will be safe an have biofilm. Is there anything I can do to make sure she is happy? Thanks :)
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Oh and righ now she is swimming about the tank in short bursts. Is something wrong?
possible onset of molt coming... its normal when moving to a new tank.

My shrimp all swam around the tank in circles non stop for like two days when I first got them. Then they all molted and had babies. You want to make sure that you keep that shrimp non-stressed because they sometimes drop their eggs. That means no fish in the tank, don't move anything for a while, don't change the water parameters, and keep the temperature constant. Congrats on the shrimp. I hope it works out for you.
The biggest thing is the water parameters, make sure the Nitrates are not high and don't do big water changes at once while sheis new and berried.
Yep no fish in there shes in my little 1 gallon with an amazon sword, and some moss (java?) on some driftwood. I am looking for some companions for her ATM. Going out to buy some algae pellets for hey today. (Got her only yesterday)
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