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My first regulator

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Won my first ebay auction with the lowest bid. So excited and can't wait to start collecting the parts needed for my build. 331145269626 I know most are going to say it's a 1 stage and the end of tank dump stuff but I figure if GLA can do well with their builds this one may turn out well enough. Plus for $35.95 including shipping I think I did well.
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No shame on that price. Hey any pressurized system beats diy co2.
You'll have to replace that nut and nipple (my searches say that it has a CGA180 nut and nipple).
Already ordered the CGA 320 nipple, once I can I'll order the nut. It's going to be a slow build since I've been out of work due to injury. Did have a second interview today so keeping my fingers crossed. That will help.
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