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My Arsenal:

  • Aqueon 20G Long (braces taken off, clear corner braces siliconed on)
  • Oase Thermo 200 (Media: bio, sponge and carbon)
  • ADA Amazonia Aquasoil Ver 2 with a Layer of BiOrb Ceramic media for bio filtration
  • Jardli 13mm Glass lily pipe set
  • Lighting: temporarily the Current USA Satellite Plus Pro but changing to Current Serene Sun Le Pro (better par values)
  • about 15 lbs of Seiryu Stone and some Spider Wood for the Hardscape
  • 5 lbs CO2 tank with regulator and solenoid on a timer 2 hours before lights come on and shut off 1 hour prior to lights out
  • ADA inline check valve to prevent water back flow through air tubing
  • Inline CO2 Diffuser
  • CO2 Drop Checker
  • ADA foggy screen (for a translucent background)

Took advantage of the Petco $1 a gallon the other day and it turned into this mountain of a project. The journey in a nutshell:
- took off the black braces but wanted to have the option of putting on a lid and also secure the corners of the tank so I found some clear plastic corner braces. Believe me, I had to search the deepest darkest pits of the internet for those! It was a pain to razor scrape the silicone residue!


- Then the fun part came! Picked up a cheap 29 gallon black stand and then painted it white to match the decor of the house! 3 layers of primer, then a high gloss paint. Pretty much took a whole day!


- Once complete, I started the hardscaping: first layer I used the BiOrb ceramic media in lieu of lava substrate. Then I threw in 2x 9L bags of ADA Amazonia Aquasoil Ver 2 which I got from Amazon.


- I then started the skeletal structure of the hardscape with Seiryu Stone and some spider wood. LOL I superglued parts of the spider wood to the seiryu stone once I was happy with the configuration only to discover it was already waterlogged/sank on its own!


- started adding water to the tank for the first time to kick start the soil cycle and to make sure there were no leaks.


- Plants came in today: S. Repens, Rotala Rotundifolia (Orange Juice), Micranthemum "Monte Carlo". spent the whole day planting each species piece by piece but realized I over ordered so I had the luxury of planting liberally.

* Reached my max photos for this thread, look for Pt 2 to continue *

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My fish nook has 8 x 20 gallon long aquariums with the bases and rims removed. I like the idea of those clear corner braces and might like to order 32 of them... Where did you get them and what was their cost?
got them here:

They’re like $5.75/ set of 4 and these guys ship pretty fast. If you’re going to place an order shipping is like $10 so my recommendation is to make it worth your while and order a few sets. Hope this helps!
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