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My first post & first tank.

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This is my first tank, so I have NO PROBLEM with criticism! I am going off of what I found online, and what the fish expert at my local aquarium shop told me. As soon as the water is OK for other fish I would like to bring in some more, and move these white clouds to my 2.5, or back to the fish store.

What are some of your favorite low light plants?

What fish are you favorites to watch? I just sit here all day, so the more active, and interesting, the better!

Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:

Tank: Marina 5 gallon
Filter: Marina Slim S10
Light: Coralife 10w Mini Compact Fluorescent ~8hrs a day
Heater: Tetra Submersible 2-15gal heater ~Keeps it between 77°-79°

Substrate: Black Eco Complete and Crimson Gravel
Plants: Driftwood covered in Java moss

Inhabitants: 6 white clouds babies for now.

Future Plants: Rocks covered in moss, short thick moss covering the whole ground, background, broadlead plants, any more ideas?
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