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My First Planted Tank!

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Here are some pics of my newly set up planted tank.

I know there is a lot i need to do, but its a start. What do you think? The only plants i know the names of are the banana plan, moss balls, and aponottogens, all the rest, well.....i haveno clue! Any ideas?

Fish List:
3 mixed african cichlids
6 white cloud mountain minnows(they are doing fine with the cichlids!)
hardness:like a rock
Co2: DIY co2 system, with 6-15 bubbles per second, is this too much?
Suppliments: Flourish excel, tetra floura (any reccomendations?)
Regular pea gravel, i am getting ecocomplete soon.
and, of course, aeration

Feedback Please :)



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BTW, the airstone is the co2 diffusor
remove the fake background and add more real plants :)

i also use airstone back then, i think it is a pretty good replacement for the ceramic diffuser.
maybe a dome over the airstone to trap and dissolve more CO2?
more plants more plants more plants! Also, how much light is it running on?
I know i need to get more plants, i cant wait too! This is just a start. I took off the background. How do I make a dome around the airstone?
I leave the light on for 7 hours a day, is this too much? Its just a reg flourescent light (the swirly ones) I am getting a new light also. An reomendations?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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